• 25Feb

    Tanya Morgan — Live @ SOBs

    Monday night shows can be hit or miss.

    Patrons need a good excuse before blowing 4 days worth of rest on the first night of the work week.

    A damn good excuse.

    If its a dinner or happy hour, then in better be dinner or happy hour with an old friend who is only in town on that Monday.

    If its a concert, it better be a concert featuring an act who rarely performs, or an act that you’re personally invested in and not sure when you’ll see again live.

    Its the difference between “must see” and “might see.”

    And even those who classify an event as “must see” still might leave early. Its Monday after all. People have to work tomorrow.

    Tanya Morgan headlined a solid line up this past Monday. Bronx upstart Emcee, YC The Cynic, P.SO of the AOK Collective, and North Carolina natives Kooley High joined “a team called Tanya” on SOBs legendary stage.

    Mic to plug, the show was quality.

    YC The Cynic continues his props-snatching city wide tour, running through now crowd favorites “The Return of Slick”, “Why Cee La”, and “Say Superman” while also bringing out Homeboy Sandman to assist on “We Aint Scared”.

    P.SO, formerly P.Casso, delivered as expected, bringing out Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman, with several members of AOK lurking in the background for one of the most official live posse cuts I’ve seen in some time. Other than an odd “Guitar Hero” segment — where P.SO attempted to rock the actual “Guitar Hero” guitar live on stage (with little success), confusing a number of people in attendance — “The Earth Tone King” put together a rather tight set.

    “Kooley High / truly high / spittin mathematics. / Got you addicted like a bad drug habit.”

    Raleigh based Kooley High arguably generated the nights largest crowd reaction. From there visual and sonic diversity, to their Golden Era angled set (Biggie remakes, Michael Jackson tribute), to their live poetry segment, to their bounce friendly ode “Mami Is A Dancer” complete with an accompanying jig — there was something for everyone.

    Tanya Morgan debuted their video for “Bang & Boogie”, Brooklynati’s next single, before hitting the stage for their live set. Judging by crowd reaction, Von Pea, DonWill, and Ilyas did not disappoint.

    Unfortunately — since it was a Monday night after all — the vast majority of those remaining in the building were press related or fellow supportive artists. All walk-ins, SOBs regulars, etc left the venue before the headliners hit the stage.

    To put it in perspective, SOBs was more packed for the opening act than it was for the headliner.


    Monday shows are like that — unpredictable. Those of us still around for Tanya Morgan were personally invested to be there. Maybe we were friends or had a friend rocking that night. Maybe we were press covering the event.

    Maybe we worked for SOBs…

    That part is less important. The overall quality of the show is the only thing that matters.

    And front to back, each act entertained.

    Regardless of who was left to witness.

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