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  • 24Mar

    Health Care Reform Bill: Pros and Cons

    After hearing an unsettling fact about the new health care bill, I decided to search for some information. While I was unable to find many clear cut lists delineating the pros and cons of the new health care bill, there was one seemingly straight forward site. Do the pros outweigh the cons? Is the general public aware that these changes will not be begin until 2014? Take a look at this list of pros and cons and get informed.

    From Balancedpolitics

    It’s no secret that health care costs are spiraling out of control in this country. On average, we now spend more per person on health care than both food and housing. Insurance premiums are multiplying much faster than inflation, which prevents economic growth and leaves businesses with less money to give raises or hire more workers. While the quality and availability of medical care in the United States remains among the best in the world, many wonder whether we’d be better off adopting a universal government-controlled health care system like the one used in Canada.

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