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  • 24Mar

    YC The Cynic – "You're Welcome" Album Review

    “And he’s just making his start. / Too humble to hate. / Too subtle to taunt” — “Why Cee La”

    Some kid that the “YC” in YC The Cynic means “Young Chappelle”, because he kind of looks like comedian Dave Chappelle.

    The Company Man always imagined that the “YC” stood for “Young Chris”, because he bares a striking resemblance to the kid from “Everybody Hates Chris”.

    Regardless, theres nothing laughable about his wordplay. YC’s skills ain’t no joke.

    His debut LP, “You’re Welcome” — despite its played out title — doesn’t disappoint.

    Composed primarily of nineteen-nineties remakes, “You’re Welcome” aptly showcases YC’s nimble delivery, slick lyricism, and penchant for classic, yet underused production.

    Lines like “I’m moving at speeds that others can’t reach. / Maneuvering through seems that others can’t see. / Please holler at me if you want TNT. / I tax sucka MCs, I’m RUN DMC” on “State I.D.” (over the Alkoholiks’ “All Night”) or “Granted, though I never landed on a campus / I was taking them to school using music as a canvas. / I was parenting them fools / no parameters apparent” from “Kick Back” (over “Otha Fish” by The Pharcyde) — flow effortlessly, beguiling ear drums, never disrespecting the original versions.

    YC sounds equally comfortable on cypher cuts as he does on conceptual tracks. The sublime “In The City” — one of two instances where original production was used — finds the Bronx Emcee nostalgically opining on his city and his borough. “The Blogspot” pulls a page from Homeboy Sandman’s “I-Tunes Song”, providing a mini-commercial advertisement for his blogspot webpage. “YC’s got a whole gentry of Emcees I speak about in my entrees. / I done realized I’m an entity so I intend to feed Emcees / that intrigue me. / And this is by way of my XP.” With assistance from Kalae All Day, “Be Aware (Kings of New York)” closes the album with a dose of the street life’s cold reality.

    “You’re Welcome’s” subtle (possibly unintentional) tribute to two of the illest female Emcees ever is whats most appreciated. Whether its the closing bars to Ladybug’s verse on (the Digable Planets classic) “Rebirth of Slick” that intros his rhymes on “The Return of Slick”, or the selection of “Fugee La” as the backdrop for “Why Cee La”, or his deference to Lauryn Hill by including her two verses on his “Take It Easy” redux, “Where’s Lauryn” — YC provides a much needed reminder that, at one time, the fairer sex was expected to make significant lyrical contributions. Male or female, few rocked harder than Ladybug and Lauryn Hill. Thankfully, YC makes room to highlight their talents.

    Other than a couple of sub-par guest appearances, the corny hook on “LOST”, and the hilarious yet passable “Chris Brown’s Latest Hit” — ironically, the biggest speed bump on “You’re Welcome” is YC himself.

    Yes, his skills are apparent. Yes, his wordplay is impressive. Yes, his flow is inspiringly effortless. But, other than the scathing, lyrical onslaught displayed on “Say Superman”, rarely does he show his ability to kick bars in other styles.

    Theres little stylistic variety.

    Depending on how you feel about the way he hops from snare to snare or his use of syncopated rhyme schemes will determine whether you appreciate this offering. Add that to the fact that “You’re Welcome” only includes 2 original beats (which means we only get to hear YC organically on two songs), then suddenly that all-important Replay Value measure is jeopardized.

    The upside is that he’s very young (19 years old). It takes time and practice to develop and diversify a skill set in anything. Considering his highly advanced lyrical ability despite his young age, there is still ample time for him to vary the tools in his utility belt.

    As “Young Chappelle” or “Young Chris” (or whatever “YC” really stands for) moves through life, inevitably gaining more experience and perspective; as those life experiences and perspectives inevitably affect his craft — YC The Cynic has every opportunity to improve.

    That’s the scary part.

    “You’re Welcome” is loaded with personality, slick wordplay, pristine beat selection, and lyricism beyond his years. An absolute must-listen.

    Ain’t nothing funny about that.

    Rating: 4 out of 5


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  1. March 25, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    I heard him a while ago and was a fan instantly… He got game..


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