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    EarthGang: Out of This World

    If the names Sir Hobbes and Johnny Venus seem extraordinary to you, wait until you hear their music. Their most recent work “The Better Party” boasts a variety of upbeat production and classic rhyme scheme: Featuring production from Jack Swain and Miles D. These two Atlanta Emcees—who call themselves Earthgang—are only 19 years of age and boast musicianship of another generation. Most of their work, formulated in an impromptu and completely off-the-dome manner seems to convey that they’ve been working on the project for years. As Johnny Venus describes it, Earthgang is “something you’ve kind of heard, but never heard.”

    Although both artists don’t like to be compared, their sound clearly conveys their predominate influences. As, “Ms. Yvette” states, the two ATLiens have a similar sound to Outkast. However, their production shows their musical tastes vary, ranging from The Beatles to UGK. The two seem to both agree that their favorite and most influential emcee is Kanye West. You can find girls—on their university’s campus—sporting the Earthgang paraphernalia which consists of self designed buttons and t-shirts. They plan to push their merchandising and branding while simultaneously promoting their music.

    Sir Hobbes—born Eian Hobbes—has always been an introvert, deciding to break out of his shell through stage performance at an early age. Johnny Venus—Olu Fann—the producer with an ear for specific sounds, began his love for music with singing in the choir as a child. Although both of them are not exactly sure how the name “Earthgang” originated, they plan to effect change in the game. Venus states, “We plan to change the absence of creativity, eradicate that assembly line production, and have fans in total appreciation of our art and what we do.”

    The two young men, a duo since high school, have just released their first mixtape and plan to allow time for their fan base to grow before releasing another project. Earthgang also has plans to collaborate with other artists such as “Euro P. Gold.” Unsure if they aspire to be on an indie or major label, they are sure that they want to be affiliated with a label who appreciates their artists. They have just released their single “I Bet You Hate this Song.”

    The duo certainly has the raw talent, ability, and the drive to accomplish their goals. As a fellow alien and outcast of sorts, I recommend getting some Earthgang for your play list rotation.

    They are certainly out of this world.

    You can find out more about Earthgang and download their music at: www.earthgang.net

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