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    The Company Man and I often compare notes on emcees and the eclectics of their career. In passing, he mentioned a female emcee — Kalae All Day — that had a really “interesting” sound. When he used the word “interesting”, I prepared myself for an awkward, soulful, poetic, and electronic sound that Amanda Diva attempted on her Spandex, Rhymes, and Soul. However, Kalae All Day’s AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUSIC, surprised me.

    With jumbled track names similar to Musiq Soulchild’s, “Indunktionjuntion’s” climax of words brings in the hardest track on the project — “OG LyrikalBookbagger”, featuring Homeboy Sandman. The Show And Prove alumni practically sings her lyricism over an amazing clap/step/tap beat at an incredibly fast pace.

    “The songs not over yet…”

    Throughout the middle of the project, Kalae All Day’s “Break It Down”, “DopeShiyat”, “Intoxikationation” and “Teratophobianspacestomp”, accomplish the soul-electronic-Hip-Hop sound Amanda Diva was going for. (“Teratophobianspacestomp” scared me a bit) The production is amazing with elements of jazz and soul which Kalae All Day croons over carelessly.

    Kalae All Day considers herself a Femcee, but I didn’t feel as though she threw too many bars on the project. Most of her lyricism can be found in “OG LyrikalBookbagger”, “Atrhroughzingle”, “ThisisWhat” and the introduction and conclusion to “KeeponPhushin”.

    “Maybe it’s the afro, / haven’t cut it in a while. / Maybe it’s the smooth flow. / Maybe it’s the killer smile.”

    With most of the tracks panning out to be three minutes long and mostly singing, I would have appreciated more emceeing on Kalae’s part. From what I’ve heard so far, her lyrical capability defies the norms with her bars stepping out of the beat’s framework and a constant switch of flows. Her spread of content is also on point. Song topics range from love, struggle, confidence, drunken nights, empowerment and so much more. As a Femcee myself, I understand how hard it is to provide quality content with the mass expectation of lyrics focused on men, money, and my (ass)ets. Kalae’s project provides Hip-Hop with a perfect spectrum of the female world. I couldn’t help but grin with a bit of pride at the sound of another Femcee blaring from my speakers. The project is severely repeatable and is on my iTunes rotation list for play. Honestly, I could listen to Kalae……all day.

    RATING: 4 out of 5

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  1. July 14, 2010 at 1:17 am

    [...] Kalae All Day—Ms. Black Dynamite—rocked out after The Crowd, literally. With a star studded jacket, fro-hawk, and SERIOUS frames shading her eyes, she entered stage right with no fear. “You couldn’t read me if I was a…..book.” A lyrical songstress, as I like to call her, embraced her sets with her rhymes over a solid drum beat, freestyle over the introduction to “The Boondocks”, and her single “OG Lyrical Bookbagger” sans Homeboy Sandman. After her performance she stated, “I feel hot, and sweaty, and dope. I’m happy for the opportunity.” [...]

  2. July 20, 2010 at 12:50 am

    [...] coming MC’s and blasting a variety of new artists in my car. Nowadays I might find myself at a Kalae AllDay video shoot, catching YC the Cynic, Ciph Diggy, Khalil Kash performing or WordSpit in a cipher [...]

  3. April 18, 2011 at 11:09 am

    [...] BHF Alum, Kalae All Day and SciryL Cooper release, The Sun, The Moon & The Stars — a Bassa Nova inspired collaborative EP today. Billed “a celestial call and response project that provides the perfect soundtrack for tonight’s full moon,” The Sun, The Moon & The Stars comes on the heel’s of the Show And Prove winner’s “Rising Star” victory at the 2010 New York Music awards and is the first project released by Kalae since last year’s AFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUSIC. [...]

  4. April 21, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    [...] Kalae All Day also teamed up with Harlem emcee, SciryL on Bassa Nova inspired collaborative EP, The Sun, The Moon & The Stars released on iTunes this week. Billed “a celestial call and response project that provides the perfect soundtrack for [a] full moon,” The Sun, The Moon & The Stars is the first project released by Ms. Black Dynamite since last year’s acclaimedAFROMATIKNEOHIPPIEROCK*SOLEMUSIC. [...]