• 30Jun

    2 Hungry Bros Presents

    From 2 Hungry Bros

    We Are Happy to Announce the official date for the Release of the Eagerly anticipated album, No Room For Dessert, is JULY 27, 2010. Smack dab in the Middle of the Summer. Summer 2010 is cooking up to be something great with the energizing release of Homeboy Sandman’s Good Sun at SOB’s , June 1st and the Album release party. For more information on No Room For Dessert, the 2 Hungry Bros, 8thw1, and our label, DOMINATION RECORDS please visit DOMINATION RECORDINGS

    We also don’t want to keep you hanging. If it wasn’t for such great fans where would we be. Just like Chubb Rock said in “Treat Em Right”. Since we love that era so much, we’ve decided to hit you with a treat! Here’s “HARM MUSIC” HARM MUSIC ON BANDCAMP
    The sun’s shining bright, the BBq’s are about to Jumpoff! House parties…. In the spirit of Back For SECONDS and Lots of Fun , I present to you 8thw1 and HOMEBOY SANDMAN “HARM MUSIC”
    This is a modified version of the single “NO HARM” with 8thw1 and Homeboy Sandman. The original, which will be available on June 15th, features Reef the Lost Cauze and Von Pea (TANYA MORGAN) as well. Go to Itunes, Amazon, every digital market on June 15th 2010.

    And you know the 2 Hungry Bros stay busy. You also know we’ve recently had the pleasure of working with MC, Likwuid on Ciph Diggy’s album on the song Synchronized Rhyming, which some people thought was called “I Was There”. We also had the pleasure of working with her on our Mixtape, BACK FOR SECONDS. So much that we have been investing more time and effort into her extraordinary talent and since MAY 11, 2010, have digitally released the single off her upcoming project Gummy Bears and Champagne, “GO L!”.  It is available everywhere that sells digital music along with our single NO HARM. Please enjoy and listen for more outstanding music from Likwuid and the 2 Hungry Bros

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