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  • Majority of Google, Facebook users concerned about Piracy
  • 09Feb

    Majority of Google, Facebook users concerned about Piracy

    The role of technology continues to play a larger role in everyday life with each passing year, as people from all walks of life become more dependent on technological advances for communication, relationships, entertainment and much more.
    But according to results of a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll released February 8, seven out of 10 Facebook users and over 50% of Google users say that they are either “somewhat” or “very concerned” about their privacy when visiting the world’s most popular social network and search engine.
    However, leading technologists and privacy experts say most people still do not have a clear enough understanding of the complex risks they accept whenever they visit these and other popular sites.

    According to Ryan Calo, director of the Consumer Privacy Project at the Stanford University Center for Internet and Society, consumers “generally do not understand who’s getting access to their data and for what purpose.” The poll also found that a similar percentage of both Facebook and Google users — 65% and 54%, respectively — say they are worried about Internet viruses harming their computers.

    “In my mind, that shows a lower level of concern than folks really ought to have,” says Lisa Sotto, head of the law firm Hunton & Williams. “There is probably a lack of understanding about how very dangerous viruses can be.”

    With tech companies, social networking sites, banks and financial institutions making it easier to create accounts and share information across networks, the concerns over privacy are not unfounded. In recent years, organizations such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse have gained more traction in doing what they can to help protect consumers and users from having their privacy invaded.

    This article is available at usatoday.com.

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