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  • 25Apr

    [Download] Listen to “Done Deal” by Ellis

    New heat from Ellis: “Done Deal”, produced by Legin

    Says Ellis: “This is off of the next project I’m a put out called the Education of Ellis (#EOE). It’s gonna be a double LP entirely produced by Legin, kind of themed from the movie The Education of Sunny Carson. A lot of the samples on the first disc actually come from the soundtrack of the movie. I don’t know when #EOE is gonna come out so [right now it's] just some new music.”

    Sounds good enough for TCM. So does his fresh Blake Griffin’ flip in the second verse:

    “They wanted to suppress him and then found out my progression is like Blake Griffin’s aggression/Getting better by the second/In a minute be a legend/An icon in an hour/Flip my money into power…”

    Follow Ellis on Twitter @BluRaye

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