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  • 24May

    Brown Bag Allstars Discuss Latest Project, Brown Bag Season Vol. 1, Soul Khan’s Battle Rap Retirement

    In an interview on #BodegaRadio (on PNCRadio.fm), J57, Koncept, DJ Element and Soul Khan of New York collective, Brown Bag Allstars discussed their latest project, Brown Bag Season Vol. 1. Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 is a double CD featuring rare and unreleased material from the former Fat Beats Records employees on the first and remixes by DJ Brace with instrumentals on the second. “We’ve never given out instrumentals,” says Soul Khan. “This is the only time we’ve given out instrumentals in our entire career. I would say that our producers are currently in the underground the best ones of their generation in New York City. No one’s messing with them.”

    Along with J57, DeeJay Element, Koncept and Soul Khan, Brown Bag Allstars also includes Audible Doctor, Marink, DJ Goo and DJ E Holla. BBAS spent much of 2009 building their reputation as a collective, winning Brooklyn Bodega’s inaugural Show & Prove competition series in the process. In 2010/11, Audible Doctor, J57, Soul Khan and Koncept released solo projects as well. “We’ve spent the last year just doing solo stuff,” says J57. “Now we’re back as a group and still doing solo stuff, you know. Not skipping a beat at all. We’re still able to multi-task. It’s not a big deal but a lot of people can’t do that.”

    Over the past two years, Soul Khan also built a solid reputation in the battle circuit, becoming one of the most successful Emcees on Grind Time. Despite his numerous victories, he spoke to #BodegaRadio about his retirement from rap battles. “I think I graduated out, basically,” says Soul Khan.

    “At this rate, there’s no reason for me to ever battle again because the aim on battling was to promote my music, promote Brown Bag’s and mission accomplished. I over saturated the battle market and they showed how much they’re willing to turn out to buy music and that’s cool.”

    He continued: “I don’t see anyone giving me a challenge. Not because I’m that good. But because battling is not that hard from a mental perspective and a performance perspective. There’s certain mechanics of it you master in about a year — especially now that they’re written battles. As far crowd control as far as getting a reaction — it’s more science than art, in a way, honestly. I think that I figured it out and no one would beat me. Literally, no one would beat me at this point. I know how to beat every single person in the battle world, so what’s the point? There’s no mystery and the music is better than the battling and people are responding well to the music, so there’s no reason to keep going with it.”

    While he’s officially retired from the battle circuit, the door isn’t completely closed. He still plans to continue supporting Grind Time and looks forward to judging competitions. “There may be one battle I’d be willing to do again but I don’t think it will ever happened,” he says regarding DumbFoundead, whom he challenged in 2010. “That dude, Dumbfoundead. He’s a good dude. Good dude.”

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