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  • 19Jun

    Jesse Abraham Talks One Day LP Re-Release, Collaborating with Homeboy Sandman and Blu

    This past Friday on #BodegaRadio on PNCRadio.fm, New York Emcee, Jesse Abraham discussed the re-release of his latest project, One Day. “The original EP had 10 tracks on there, and on the LP I added four more joints,” Abraham told DJ Run P and host, The Company Man. “I added a joint with Homeboy Sandman. I added a joint with Blu and I had a freestyle that I did for DJBooth.net that was an exclusive joint that ended up on the album that was produced by KO Beatz. And then this joint called “Holy Crap,” which was produced by The Neptunes.”

    The Neptunes production is actually a jacked beat, Abraham explained. “I wasn’t trying to trick anybody,” he said. “Heads will call it a freestyle, heads will call it whatever. It’s just a song. I was just having some fun.” JA released the One Day EP this past March but decided to follow up with a re-release three months later on June 14th. “I put the EP out exclusively for sale on iTunes kind of like a heat-check.”

    He continued: “And the data that came back to me was people don’t really wanna drop $4 for a Jesse Abraham record yet. There’s so much free music out there that people are just “I want it for free, I want it for free.” But I understand that. Those ten joints I felt were solid, but if I was going to put out a re-release, which I planned to do. It was an EP intentionally in March. I wanted to bulk it up. I wanted to tell a full story. So the joints I added, I intentionally made them more cohesive so the full LP that dropped this week, it has a complete arc. Beginning, middle and end. And I was happy to have those heads on the track. I’ve been meaning to do a joint with Sandman for a while. Was just waiting for the time to be right. The Blu collabo was a very beautiful blessing. I was happy to make that happen. And everything else just kind of fell into place. So it worked out.”

    JA’s been prolific since 2009, releasing Alphabutter, XS, Bars & NoBull almost consecutively. The One Day LP re-release is Abraham’s fifth project in two years and he’s currently working on his sixth. “I’m already starting on a new project,” he said. “I have a weird little concept album that I’m working on that’s strange and different. So I’ll be throwing that out there. Right now it’s called SMS 2012. We’ll see what comes of that.”

    When he’s not writing rhymes, Jesse Abraham owns and operates a private tutoring company for New York City school children. When asked about New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie’s pilot program allowing private companies to run public schools in his state, Abraham stated, “It’s and interesting idea to try to take it out of the public’s hands and give it to corporations.”

    “I’ll be honest with you. I think that whatever’s going on behind the scenes of the schools is one thing — and that’s going to be something that happens out of the hands of people that really matter. But I think it all comes down to what happens in the classrooms, how much attention the teacher’s paying, and not just what the curriculum’s like but how much they are communicating it to the kids and how much do they really care? To me it’s less about really the system, and more about the individuals that are controlling what’s in those kids lives. They’re people and I think it’s the people that matter more than the programs.”



    Jesse Abraham will perform at the Galapagos Art Space, Homes For The Homeless Fundraiser along with O.I.S.D., The Underdogz (Warren Britt & Otis Clapp) and more. His album, The One Day LP is available for download at DJBooth.net. Follow Jesse Abraham on Twitter @JesseAbraham

    Follow The Company Man on Twitter @TheCompanyMan

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