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  • 19Jun

    Koncept Collaborates With Royce Da 5’9, J57 Talks Brown Bag All Stars Debut Album

    Koncept and J57 of the Brown Bag Allstars discussed their recent performance at K Sise’s album release party on #BodegaRadio on PNCRadio.fm on Friday. One of the highlight’s of that night was Audible Doctor and J57‘s live beat exhibition featuring unheard, upcoming tracks. “One of the verses I kicked was from “High” which is off my EP with Tranzformer,” Koncept said. “The other verse is actually off another verse I kicked with Tranzformer that is not released yet.” J57 also commented that the beat used will be on his upcoming album with DJ Blame One. “That’s going to be our track featuring Brown Bag [Allstars],” he told DJ Run P and host, The Company Man. “He’s from the Dirty Science crew with Exile so we’ll have a Dirty Science track with a Brown Bag track. Both families. Not together but on different tracks.”

    Brown Bag Allstars continues to gain momentum throughout New York’s independent music scene. The crew was featured in HipHopDX’s, DXNext section and recently celebrated the release of double-disk, Brown Bag Season Vol. 1. Despite Brown Bag’s increased notoriety, Koncept and J57 do not feel any pressure about the upcoming release of the group’s still untitled debut album, expected in 2012. “I’m not nervous about it because I’m fairly confident that it’s by far our best work — as far as the beats, as far as everything goes on all levels,” said Koncept. “The love that we’ve gotten from the projects that we’ve already been putting out and what people have already heard, if we’ve gotten that much love from that, I can only imagine what we’re going to get from the album because, in my opinion, it’s by far our best work.”

    “I agree with him,” added J57. “The reason I’m not scared about it is because we’ve had the beats picked forever. I have to make one more beat and then I’m done. We have 12 joints, probably. It’s going to be a full album, you know what I mean. Six joints from bigger name producers, [which] we’re not naming who, yet. And then three with me and three with Audible Doctor which is some of our best work. So, like, I got two. I need one more. Audible Doctor has two and needs one more. What I’m saying is, I’m not nervous. We’ve got pretty much everything done, we just need to write the rhymes. Half of it is done. Half of it is really done.”

    Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 recently cracked UGHH top selling album charts and is available for purchase at FatBeats.com. Koncept is also poised to release his debut album, Awaken. “[Awaken] is mainly produced by J57,” said Koncept. “It’s also produced by Audible Doctor, DJ Goo, Marink and the lead single — which y’all will be the first to hear about this because I haven’t told anybody yet — is produced by Marco Polo and features Royce Da 5’9.”

    Royce Da 5’9 recently teamed up with long time friend and rival, Eminem to release their much anticipated EP, Bad Meets Evil. The EP title is same title as a track off of Eminem’s debut album, The Slim Shady LP which featured both lyricists prior to the pair’s eventual falling out. The Bad Meets Evil EP marks the ultimate reconciliation between the two Detroit Emcees. Koncept elaborated on his pending collaboration with Royce Da 5’9. “It’s about different obstacles getting in your way and trying to get to a certain point and things keep blocking you,” he said. “I felt that it was perfect for a joint with Royce because, obviously he had many obstacles. The whole beef with Em to getting locked up and so forth, a good friend of his passing. I thought that it was just the perfect subject for him to be on and Royce is one of my all time favorite Emcees. It was an honor to be able to work with someone that I look up to.”

    Koncept is in the midst of discussions with labels and is hoping to release the single in July. “We have to really find a home first and see where that’s going,” he said. “We’re still finding it’s home so there’s no real date on it yet.”




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