• 10Aug

    [Video] Kendrick Lamar, Homeboy Sandman Perform at #BHF11

    BHF ’11 – Kendrick Lamar X Homeboy Sandman from BrooklynBodegaTV on Vimeo.

    At only 23, Kendrick Lamar has achieved things many MCs can only dream of – collaborating with the likes of Dr. Dre, The Neptunes & the RZA, as well as having one of the best selling albums (“Section.80″) on iTunes – all still without a major label deal. However, what separates KDot from his peers isn’t his meteoric rise, but his wisdom & sincerity.

    Homeboy Sandman, however, has been steadily grabbing the attention of Hip Hop fans for several years now and has more people listening now than ever before. With the release of last year’s critically-acclaimed “The Good Sun,” Boy Sand proved that there are still places that the genre has yet to explore sonically – & recently, indie powerhouse Stones Throw Records took note & signed him to the House that PBW built.

    Shot by
    Jose Cota, Jr. (twitter @JRtheSR)
    Alex F. Ghassan (@alexg_director)
    Daniel Graf (@danielgraffilms)
    Daniel “Kodaq Jonez” Morteh (@KodaqJonezTMX)
    Abbie Krinsky-Rogoff (@AbbieKrinsky)
    Christian Orozco

    Directed & Cut by Jav Martinez (@TheJavMart)


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