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  • 30Jan

    Legendary club Southpaw to close doors


    Sad Face – we got the news that one of our favorite spots and host to the annual BHF After Party, Southpaw, is closing its doors.

    From long time employee and booker Doug DeFalco: “It is with an extremely weighted heart that I inform you that, after ten years, Southpaw will be closing its doors in late February. It seems like yesterday we were all writing our names in the cement and knocking down walls in that old vacant 99 cent store. Time flew by in a blink it seems. In the time that it took to blink Brooklyn got a ton of musical gifts that we were more than happy to provide…

    Southpaw was a ground breaker for Brooklyn. Before there were any of the venues now operating in Brooklyn, there was Southpaw. It paved the way for the future and made an enormous cultural impact on the borough. It’s importance and influence will become even more evident to everyone as years go on. I have lived in Brooklyn for 18 years, practically ALL of my adult life. There are many amazing venues in Brooklyn, but for one reason or another, NONE of them FEEL like Brooklyn. Every time you were in Southpaw, you were reminded that you were in Brooklyn. Because all of us who worked at Southpaw were were all from Brooklyn, we understood the need to make the venue really reflective of Brooklyn the way we saw it growing up here. Southpaw was a shrine to this great Borough. It was also ALWAYS our goal to offer music and entertainment that appealed to ALL of Brooklyn as and always worked hard to avoid only appealing to selected demographics -we felt Brooklyn deserved more and felt that Southpaw could be a place to knock down barriers and use music and entertainment to unite people from all walks of life. I feel confident that we succeeded there tenfold. From Indie Rock, Hip Hop, Soul , Country, and Jazz, Comedy, Literary events, dance parties, to the many Gay and Lesbian events, for ten years, Southpaw always offered a diverse menu to choose from.”

    Programming will be moving to the owners, Mikey Palms and Matt Roff’s, other location Public Assembly. So fear not. Good music will still have a home.


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