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  • 07Feb

    Monie Love clarifies “Native Tongue Show”

    monie love
    Yesterday we posted about the Jungle Brothers show at SOB’s tonight which was also being billed as a Native Tongue reunion.
    BHF Alum Monie Love hit us on Twitter with concerns about how the show was billed.
    We at Brooklyn Bodega appreciate how important the legacy of the Native Tongues is and want to make sure it is treated wih the respect it deserves. To that end, we took don and the post and now want to share this statement from Monie…

    On behalf of myself and any other Native Tongue member fans may be disappointed in @ tonights SOB’s show,sadly we won’t be there. Where as I cannot position myself to explain the indiscretion of promoters and performers to sell this event as a Reunion knowing it wasn’t the case, I can tell you that myself and other native members found out via twitter seeing the flyer in circulation. I contacted promoter maybe a month back KNOWING the frenzy this type of promotion would create, and suggested they remove the ‘Special Invited Guests’ with our images. Sadly this was not done. I sincerely hope this doesn’t hurt the event or overshadow the fact that Jungle Bros have always delivered a good show. I’ve expressed my disappointment in folks I know, using my image and name without my consent so hopefully this won’t happen again. Finally I dream of the day when a REAL Native Tongue Reunion can be delivered to the fans. Let’s pray on that.

    Sincerely Monie.

    It appears that the show is essentially a Jungle Brothers show, a factthat in and of itself warms our little heart.
    We look forward to seeing the JB’s and wish them the best of luck.

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