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  • 17Feb

    “Honey, the iPad is here. We can leave mow”

    From The Mashable

    If you’ve already gotten into the habit of hiding your iPad from your kids, this should not come as a shock: New research from Nielsen shows seven out of 12 children ages 12 and under who live in tablet-owning households use the devices for a number of purposes.

    What purposes? Like many adults, children play games, communicate with their friends and family, and watch TV on tablets. Unlike (many) adults, the study suggests parents give their children tablets to use as a distraction while traveling and waiting in restaurants.

    According to a Nielsen study, released Thursday, there has been a 9% increase in tablet use among youngsters in tablet owning households between Q3 and Q4 2011.

    The survey polled adults with children under 12 in tablet-owning households.

    Children are using tablets to play games in the highest numbers, with 77% of children surveyed downloading and playing games. Education is the second most common behavior, reported by 57% of respondents. Some 55% of parents give children tablets to use for entertainment while traveling and 41% of parents give children tablets for entertainment while waiting in restaurants.

    Watching TV and movies was reported by 43% of adults. Communication with friends and family is relatively unpopular for kids, with only 15% reporting the behavior.

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