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  • 21May

    BROOKLYN BODEGA Show and Prove Preliminary Round – 5/10/12 – REVIEWED

    Congratulations to 330 for winning the second Preliminary Show and Prove!! Here’s a little scoop on the other competing artists and their performances.

    Before arriving to the show, I anticipated something like 8 Mile with a basement space in an old warehouse filled with a sea of black hoods nodding to gangster beats and throwing their hands up at every hot line dropped from the rappers on stage. So I was a little skewed on this thought but the show was still entertaining and each of the four artists brought to the stage their unique talents that hyped the crowd from beginning to end.

    Tamara Davidson

    This girl has got style and soul! In my experience, I’ve seen very few R&B musicians who can keep a rap crowd alert but Davidson blends Hip-Hop and Jazz to create a finger-snapping, head-bopping kind of sound. She definitely serenaded the crowd with her jazzy rendition of Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison and performed a few of her original songs. Most notably was the dynamic between Davidson and her band, they really delved themselves into the music and embraced in the crafty sounds they created on stage.


    Every once in a while, we get rappers like D-Strong who remind us that Hip-Hop is not all drugs, sex, money and more recently singing as the media over perpetuates. D-Strong is a lyrical rapper more focused on hitting the crowd heavy with intelligent rhymes paired with equally raw underground beats. His rap style is militant and says things your local radio station won’t even dare to air, the truth. I was impressed with the way he commanded the stage with his presence and flow proving himself to be a real veteran of the game.


    I’ve probably been to DC three times but never before noticed its rap scene. Well 330 definitely brought to Brooklyn her skills and talent and rocked the crowd with each track. In this male-dominated genre, it’s always refreshing to see a female MC who can actually, ahem, rap and not cover-up her talent by shedding off her clothes. I was especially done when 330 brought out her beat-boxer and later did a quick freestyle for the audience— nice touch.


    I think it’s telling when rappers come on stage with backpacks, as if to subliminally convey to the audience “Hey, I’m a student so I have the potential to woo you with clever words and confusing vocabulary”. Best tip for that, just keep up. The night ended with this last rapper hailing from the DC area as well and I swear he has lyrics for almost any subject. I laughed a little and other times nodded my head approvingly when he dropped a nice line. I replayed verses over in my head to catch the puns. DC came in strong this round.

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