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  • 07Jan

    Watch new NYC-based webisode stars THE DOWNTOWN GIRLS!


    As 2013 starts, creativity in broadcasting is reaching a fever pitch. Instead of working tireless nights in relative obscurity, performing artists are embodying the excitement of the revolutionary digital entrepreneurial spirit. Webisodes – brief episodic broadcasts of under ten minutes in length – are the new rage. Now having the ability to reach the universe at the tap of a keyboard, a new generation of professionals are slowly taking the right steps to increase their potential for success and sustainability. In the urban-to-mainstream entertainment realm, standouts in this concept are top-tier, but few, a list topped at the present moment by Pharrell Williams’ iamother.com’s “Awkward Black Girl.” However, with the debut of new, NYC-based comedy “The Downtown Girls,” the field of excellence has grown.

    Four former NYU Tisch School of the Arts students (Emebeit Beyene, Crystal Boyd, Chivonne Michelle, Chandra Arielle Russell) are the “Downtown Girls,” easily-to-relate-with young women bonded by friendship and the awkward acceptance of developing into adulthood – all while living in New York City. The debut episode is premiered here at BrooklynBodega.com and is equally populist and socially aware, all while still being alive and conscious in the realm of comedy. That’s a rare blend to find so seamlessly delivered, but the four comediennes deliver with veteran panache. Like Laverne and Shirley with a downtown flip, Downtown Girls cuts to the chase and delivers the laughs.

    Episode one finds four enterprising young women all set with everything for a wild Spring Break but the money to make the trip. Seemingly impossible dreams make for madcap realities. And with that introduction…enjoy!

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