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  • 25Feb

    U.S. Military In Haiti

    From npr The U.S. military, stretched thin in Iraq and Afghanistan, has taken on another major operation after a massive earthquake hit Haiti. About 22,000 service members responded, many of them distributing food and providing medical aid. Now, American troops

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  • 11Feb

    Missionary Group In Haiti May Be Released

    Reuters Reports Missionary Group Charged with Kidnapping Haitian Children Could be Released this Week A Haitian judge has decided to release 10 American missionaries accused of kidnapping children in Haiti, Reuters news agency reported Wednesday afternoon, siting a “judicial source”.

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  • 02Feb

    Increasing Instances Of Missing Haitian Children

    There are many stories of Haitian children being given away, that never make it into main stream media, in the hopes that they will have a better life in America…a land that they may or may not see. Not to

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  • 28Jan

    Jobless In Haiti

    From npr Haiti was already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, with an unemployment rate estimated at about 70 percent. Since the Jan. 12 earthquake, the privation has deepened significantly. Throughout Port-au-Prince, people are frantically searching for work. Many

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  • 27Jan

    Haitian Eatery Feeding Those In Need

    Two weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, the situation is still desperate for many. International aid groups are distributing food, yet many Haitians say they still are not getting the help they need. But some in Port-au-Prince aren’t waiting for

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  • 26Jan

    $57 Million Raised By Telethon

    The George Clooney-led telethon “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief,” raised more than $57 million in 24 hours, according to a statement from the producers. That preliminary total did not include donations from corporations or large

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  • 25Jan

    Wounded? There's An App For That

    (CNN) — Alone in the darkness beneath layers of rubble, Dan Woolley felt blood streaming from his head and leg. Then he remembered — he had an app for that. Woolley, an aid worker, husband, and father of two boys,

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  • 21Jan

    U2 And Jay-Z Record Song For Haiti

    U2, Jay-Z and producer Swizz Beatz have recorded a song together to raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake. U2′s guitarist The Edge told Irish radio station 2FM the band “wrote a song, finished and recorded” last week after

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  • 21Jan

    3 Haitian Women's Advocates Mourned

    (CNN) — One returned to her Haitian roots, to give voice to women, honor their stories and shape their futures. Another urged women to pack a courtroom in Haiti, where she succeeded in getting a guilty verdict against a man

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  • 20Jan

    Another Earthquake Hits Haiti: Magnitude 6.1

    From NPR A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti just after 6 a.m. ET, the U.S. Geological Survey says, and people in the already flattened city of Port-au-Prince went “running into the streets,” according to the Associated Press. NPR’s Carrie Kahn

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