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  • 22Jan

    Obama '09 brought to you by High Fructose Corn Syrup

    One of the things I did not like at all while I was in DC was the apparent Pepsi sponsorship of the inauguration. What was that all about?

    I posted on Facebook over the Holiday break about the new Pepsi logo I saw in the supermarket. Right there I saw that there were positioning themselves to be associated with the Obama brand. But I never figured it would be to this extent and this blatant. Now granted I always thought the Obama log was similar to the previous Pepsi logo for reasons I could never understand. When I first saw the Obama logo I thought it was weak and cheesy. Shows how smart I am.

    But back to Pepsi and the inauguration. I don’t know if the deal was with the District, the Obama Team or the Inaugural Committee but Pepsi was clearly the title sponsor of the weekend. They had heavy branding at the HBO concert, on site on Tuesday, sponsored a Refresh The World Symposium at Howard, and were all over the Metro system. The campaign is called “refresheverything.” The print, web and mass media spots all replace the ‘o’ in words with the new Pepsi logo. “wow”, “aloha” “optimism”, “joy”, “all for one”, and “one for all.” On refresheverything.com there is a Dear Mr. President section where users are asked ‘what would you say to the man who is about to refresh America?’

    I do not like the idea of a presidency sponsored by Pepsi. I think all involved should be ashamed that they are so blatantly trying to co-opt this movement to sell more soda.

    The question is whose idea was this? Well on some level Pepsi must have been more than complicit. The better question is who on the other end co-signed? I do not think the Obama team would allow the spirit of their campaign to be co-opted by a multinational without their permission. Was this a trade for the Obama campaign’s initial trademark infringement? Was this the only way Adrian Fenti could pay for the inauguration?

    This is my business but there is a fine line in these dealings and this deal came far too close for my taste.

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    barack obama is a smart mani he promis america that he will change cut down taxs. obama is the finded man