• 13Feb

    Friday Top 10 List

    This was a busy week.
    Miles Boogie turned four.
    Multicultural Day at Pre-school
    Full day of teaching at York
    Grad school application

    The end result – not enough attention paid to the Bodega editorial hustle. My apologies.
    Once we get these new writers together we will get better. I promise.

    I have realized that writing a daily column is hard as sh*t. Very time consuming. But I don’t want to take the easy way out and just cannibalize nahright, allhiphop and the NYTimes. We are committed to being true content producers even if we can’t be Maureen Dowd.

    So as the week winds down here are my Top 10 or so ruminations on another week in the books.

    1. The Republicans are clearly committed to the trickle down theory more than any other ideology. They will ride with tax cuts until the wheels fall off.
    2. Obama needs to fire whoever is in charge of picking his cabinet.
    3. Funny how the talk of snatching A-Rod’s homers was immediately taken off the table while when Barry was ‘caught’ they want to hang him.
    4. Pete Rose is not looking so bad right now.
    5. Good-bye Favre. Thanks for setting us back five years. Chadwick – we’re sorry, come back
    6. Even when the Knicks get spanked they are still the top story. Makes you feel sorry for a good team in a small market like New Orleans.
    7. Chris Brown. “Eat the cake Etta Mae”
    8. Ms. Katie
    9. Questlove taught us that AJ Shine and Cosmic Kev are the Stretch and Bob of Philly; Gilles is the Stretch and Bob of the UK. Who is the Stretch and Bob of New York now?
    10. Why did the Roots spend two years on London again? I missed that explanation on Wed
    11. I am seeing my social circle come full circle. Having fun in college, graduation, marriage, kids, divorce, Having fun with a job.
    12. How bad is this recession gonna get?
    13. Rakim, Bahamadia this year? What do you think?

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  1. February 14, 2009 at 4:13 pm

    > Who is the Stretch and Bob of New York now?

    Closest that I’m aware of would be Cipha and Rosenberg but they’re not that close, frankly! Might be someone on satellite radio though (Whoo Kid, Gomez Bros.)? If that stays in business, that is! Gilles Peter is not the Stretch N Bob of the UK though – he’s (roughly) like the Garth Trinidad of the UK. Don’t take everything ?uestlove says as gospel.

    > Rakim, Bahamadia this year? What do you think?

    Rakim, yeah (although I hear he’s terrible live). Bahamadia? Nah, could care less. Never really ‘got’ her appeal or thought she was that good as an MC.

    > Chris Brown. “Eat the cake Etta Mae”

    What does this mean??