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  • 23Feb

    8 Signs that the Republicans still don’t understand why Barack is president

    1. The continued stream of books and documentaries blaming media bias.
    It was more than a rabid Keith Oberman or the pinko New York Times that got Barack elected. The same media folks who are on the Obama train were on the Kerry and Gore train. And they both lost. Right wing media wrote the book on bias. The left won this battle. Stop crying. It is Rachel Maddow time.

    2. Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele
    You can’t put a couple of colored folks in the spotlight and claim diversity. Despite the rise of the Indian American governor and the African American RNC Chair you guys are still the party of white males. Stop trying to front and be what you are. There are no non-white Republican mayors, city council persons, governors, Congressman or senators. The Republican machine is clearly not behind diversity like the Dems.

    3. Trickle Down
    The GOP is down for the trickle down tactic like Ja Rule is down with Irv Gotti. It’s not that the money is not trickling, it’s that when y’all get tax breaks and deregulation y’all go nuts. The greed is like a drug that you can’t control. While the money is trickling down you are at the top creating new absurd heights of wealth without regard to the consequences. When it comes time to pay the bill you cry for a bailout. And in the midst of this mess you want more tax breaks when it’s clear you cannot be trusted like Gee Money couldn’t trust Pookie.

    4. You’re not Hip-Hop
    Despite Steele’s well intended but bizarre comments you have not embraced Hip-Hop culture, politics, or marketing techniques. Despite what Harry Allen says (love you Harry) Hip-Hop is responsible for Barack Obama. He tapped into the most powerful cultural force on the planet and used to get his message out. Barack’s Hip-Hop aesthetic endeared him to a generation raised on Public Enemy, De La Soul, Duran Duran and NWA, and Guns N Roses. Y’all are still using the dude from Monday Night Football to sing at your rallies? And Big Boma (as Savannah calls him) has Jigga Man and Beyonce at voter rallies. Come on y’all. It was over before it started.

    5. Black Folk – Geraldine Ferraro was right
    Obama was polling near 90% in the Black community nation wide. Never before has a candidate been able to lock up such a powerful, vociferous, and loyal demographic. Jindal, Steele, or Charlie Crist or would never see those #’s for Black folk or any other large voting bloc.

    6. Rush Limbaugh
    You better put a muzzle on that dog. Every time he runs his mouth you may energize the base but you make another centrist or Reagan Democrat run to the left. The fact that he still has such a strong voice for you is a bad look. Steele heads the RNC while Congressman bow to Rush? Just doesn’t jive. Get your message together. It’s a bout branding y’all.

    7. What about when W did it
    Governors are talking about not taking the stim money after it has been through the Senate, House and Executive. Why? Because you are fiscal conservatives? How come you didn’t object when W ran up the deficit? Because of the war on terror? Is that more important than this issue? Is that a debate you really want to have? You can’t pull that argument out now while you remained astonishingly quiet for 8 years.

    8. Civil War
    Your refusal to take the stim money is insubordinate. And it smacks of a state rights debate that was one of the beefs of the Civil War. Whether you like it or not that Stim Bill was passed legally. By not taking it you are defying a hugely popular president in a time of crisis. Not even to mention putting ideology over practicality This could really wrong. Really wrong

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  1. February 26, 2009 at 9:52 am

    Good list. Glad you finally agree I was right on #2 though!