• 13Mar

    Recession Top 10 Things

    Top 10 Things About the Recession discussions that bother me

    1. Stop crying about Bernie Madoff – Where was your scrutiny when he was outperforming the market for 20 years. Take some responsibility for your own greed. You really thought he was smarter than the Street
    2. Just because you can’t summer in the Vineyard does not mean the world is crashing around you. Tighten up.
    3. What goes up must goes down. The law of gravity and economics. If you thought this downturn was gonna happen at some point you are a fool.
    4. I feel for those who were preyed on but if your name is on that mortgage you should have read it.
    5. I love you Obama but privatized wealth and socialized loss is indeed a recipe for long term disaster. Let them burn.
    6. I do think that this is the time to fix healthcare. Use this momentum to fix our real long term problem.
    7. The Republican response that the roll back of taxes will stifle success is foolish and has been proven untrue. Stop it.
    8. Stop picking on the crazy dude from Mad Money
    9. Let’s start talking about and preparing for the end of this when the gains will return. And they will be bigger.
    10. That job is dead. Get some new skills. Adapt or die.

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