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  • 26Aug

    Now a word for the Bourgie and Boughetto

    Top 10 good and Bad Things about Matha’s Vineyard

    Your man, Swift Rock, has recently returned from a family sojourn to the isle of Martha’s Vineyard vactaioning with hoping to catch a glimpse of the Obamas.

    Although we didn’t see Barack, Michelle or the girls posted up on Circuit Ave, Eb did see Da Man from Beach Rd as he was hitting the links.

    1. Good – getting on that ferry and literally leaving all the stress behind
    2. Bad – Wack dudes from HBS (which i deduced means Harvard Business School) shamelessly networking in broad daylight. Some discretion would be cool.
    3. Good – Being no more than 15 minutes from the beaches
    4. Bad – The line at Linda Jean’s on Sat morning. I mean the food is good but an hour for some breakfast is cold nuts
    5. Good – The Baracko Taco and Obamarita. ‘Nuff Said.
    6. Bad – Two kids with a stomach bug hurling all over the place in the middle of the night
    7. Good – The food. Even the fried food tastes healthy. Word up to fried clams from Giordano’s. (Pizza is still not on NYC status)
    8. Bad – Random people asking you your last name and where you’re from because they want to make sure you are not some Willie they should be sweating.
    9. Good – Menemsha sunset.
    10. Bad – Fake thugs. Seriously fellas if you are on the Vineyard you are not that thugged out. Even if you wear AF1′s and doo rags to the beach. You just look silly.
    BONUS – 11. Good- Almost seeing the first family. It was ill just knowing they were there too and you might catch them eating ice cream.

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