• 09Sep

    Obama News

    Tonight the Big Homey will be addressing the nation about the health care battle. The AP unfortunately is reporting that he will lay off the insistence on the public option.

    President Barack Obama will tell the nation in a prime-time address precisely how he wants to expand health care, pitching a fresh argument — but, to liberal disappointment, no demand — for a government-run insurance option.
    “The president’s going to speak clearly and directly to the American people about what’s in this bill for them,” press secretary Robert Gibbs said Wednesday, hours before Obama appeared before a rare joint session of Congress and a live national television audience.
    Opening a final push for his top domestic priority, Obama will push for a health care overhaul that provides new and crucial protections for people who already have insurance, affordable access to coverage to those without, and reduced spending for families, businesses and government.

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