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  • 12Oct

    Apple Tablet Technology for 2010

    From PCWorld

    There is no question that PC pundits are eagerly awaiting Apple’s supposed new tablet, but what about customers? This is a high-risk game and Apple must know it.

    Apple is widely believed to be working on a tablet for introduction in early 2010, though the timing may be more flexible than recent rumor suggests.

    The company needs to be very sure it has a hit or should start managing customer expectations. If not, anything it does will that falls short of perfection will be considered a failure.

    For all the talk, a key mystery remains: What will it take to get people to purchase them? Apple is in the best position to know, based on its experiences with the iPhone and iPod touch and 2 billion downloaded applications.

    The challenge is building a device that matches a thin form factor with a color screen, large memory, powerful processor, and long battery life. In addition, it needs to sell for a “popular” price, which seems to be in the $500-$800 range.

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