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  • 26Jan

    The Tablet Computer Excitement

    We just can’t stop talking about the rumored tablet from Apple!

    From npr

    If the rumors have it right — and in this case they probably do — Apple will introduce a slate or tablet computer Wednesday. The announcement would come just a couple of weeks after other computer companies showed off slates at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But many people may still be wondering exactly what a slate computer is — and why someone might want one.

    If you aren’t sure what a slate computer is, you aren’t alone. A few years back many Hewlett-Packard executives couldn’t really figure it out either. So Phil McKinney, chief technology officer for HP’s Personal Systems Group, took HP executives on a trip to the final frontier: He showed them clips from Star Trek.

    In the popular sci-fi series, slate computers were everywhere. They were flat, thin computers without keyboards that Enterprise crew members used to enter and retrieve information.

    “The future for slates is you’ll have slates just laying around the house. You’ll have them laying around the office,” McKinney says. “You’ll be able to pick up that slate. You should be able to connect to your information. You should be able to have the interactive experience you want.”

    And McKinney says he thinks that future has arrived.

    “What you’re seeing is really a perfect storm of innovation from the standpoint of processors, operating system, touch technologies and the ability to bring that all together to hit a mainstream price point,” McKinney says.

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a glimpse of HP’s slate computer during his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s thin, about the size of a hardcover novel, and has a glass front. Of course it runs on a Windows operating system. And it also has access to Amazon’s Kindle software. But the HP tablet offers more than Amazon’s popular e-reader. Ballmer said that users can flip through a book in full color using the slate’s touch screen.

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