• 07Jun

    Bizarre Love Triangle: Murs at the Highline

    The most famous member of the Living Legend’s crew visited NYC to a crowd of mostly women and emo-loving hip-hop heads at the Highline Ballroom a few weeks ago. Of course, if you’re familiar with Murs’ catalog, you’re well aware that he wouldn’t have it any other way. This is his comfort zone. Knowing what the crowd wanted to hear, it seemed as though every song performed on his set list, most of which were from his 9th wonder collaborations which added a sonic consistency to the show, was an ode to women or the pursuit of women. Past relationships, lost love, encounters with porn stars, self-deprecating but comedic segues divulging his chronic masturbation habit, his personal shortcomings, discovering white groupies for the first time and his never-ending battle with poly-amorous behavior were some of the many femme-centric topics addressed.

    Fortunately, almost as a respite, in the midst of all that he did deliver a classic rehash of Officer Ricky’s “The Boss”, which was the bizarre track he concocted for the internets early yesteryear just as a “shout out” to Mr. Maybach himself when Ross unexpectedly name dropped Murs on his grown man internet beef with Curtis Jackson over the Murs “Can It Be” beat.

    Finding himself a part of this bizarre triangle, Murs did what any self-confident rapper would’ve done: he used his comedic sensibilities and his “Much success to you, even if you wish me the opposite” attitude and proceeded to casually shit on them, making them look like overgrown fools.

    Murs killed it. Don’t let all that girl talk fool you. Peep the Exclusive BodegaTV Footage:

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