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  • 27Aug

    Pharrell Sues Gilmar, Iceberg Clothing Line

    Since breaking into the industry with partner Chad Hugo as Hip hop super-producers The Neptunes over a decade ago, Pharrell Williams has become synonymous with innovation and creativity within the world of popular music, as well as in the fashion world. His Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream-branded clothing line have made Pharrell millions of dollars in the past few years alone.

    However, as reported in the New York Post and on allhiphop.com, Pharrell is now in a heated trademark dispute with Gilmar Group, the company that owns the popular Italian clothing lines Ice and Iceberg. According to the reports, Pharrell is now suing Gilmar for blocking a trademark application for his Ice Cream clothing line, on the grounds that it is too similar to the brands Ice and Iceberg and would confuse consumers.

    The lawsuit filed by Pharrell counters that the word “cream” – which means money – “creates a vastly different sound, appearance, meaning and overall commercial impression.”

    Pharrell launched both his Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys Club clothing brands in 2004. Iceberg, a company that was founded in 1962 in Italy, opened its very first New York City showroom in 1991.

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