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  • 10Nov

    Soulja Boy Clarifies "Super Lupe Lyrical" Comment

    In an interview with 97.9 The Box, following the release of Lupe’s newest track, “SLR”, Soulja Boy clarified his comment about Lupe Fiasco in XXL Magazine.

    “I was in New York at the XXL show with 50 [Cent]. I was with an interviewer and he was asking me about a specific song”, said the Atlanta rapper. “And I said, on that specific song, I don’t want to be super lyrical and people don’t understand what I’m saying, you know what I’m saying? I just want to get straight to the point and simplify it and they just glorified that phrase and blew it up”.

    Soulja Boy went on to say that he “wasn’t dissing Lupe at all” and in fact, Lupe wanted to collaborate with the him. “He wanted to do a song with me. He wanted to work with me”, says Soulja, “that was a compliment to him”.

    “If he took any offense to that, hey man, this is Hip Hop. Grow up. People make comments about me all the time and you don’t see me crying”, SB concluded.

    “He said something about me on stage when I first came out. He said something slick I seen him say [and] I ain’t say nothing. I just let it go. It’s Hip Hop, people are going to make references to you all the time. It was a compliment, bruh”.

    Watch Video (4:30 mark):

    Lupe released “SLR” (Super Lupe Rap) yesterday, taking aim at Soulja Boy and staking his claim as one of the Top 5 rappers alive.

    Listen and Download:


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