• 14Jul

    Bodega Education Initiative Images

    Images from yesterdays Bodega Education Initiative as part of the 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

    Thank you to all of our guests and moderators.

    Make sure you check Salute The DJ tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

    Photos by Photo Rob. Follow Photo Rob on Twitter @PhotoRob

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  1. July 19, 2011 at 10:01 am

    This was truly a NYC hip-hop’sational experience. The panel,’Sampling’ documentary and journalism discussion were all very informative, and reached beyond the surface. The program was ideal for music journalists, students, and hip-hop heads who are interested in moving hip-hop up and onward. Of all of the BK hip-hop festival, this day stands out as the most functional, matter-of-fact/ behind the sence; educational. Thanks BHF!

    I must say, hip-hop has definitely been evolving before our eyes. We are growing. This was a predominantly black American culture only ten-fifteen years ago, now everyone’s down and that’s kool. Hip-hop’s everywhere because it always had the heart and the harmony to go, so that’s where it is. Real recognize real hip-hop!! Peace. – Monie