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  • 03Aug

    [Watch] Julius Myth’s Rocks Highline Ballroom, Leaks “100 Feet Up”

    You’ll be hearing a lot from Julius Myth in the coming months.

    Sure, with truncated attention spans gone global, it’s nearly impossible to predict which artist will make a great enough e-impact to float atop a flooded internet. But talent is the precursor to longevity. Three decades of Hip-Hop history taught us that. And Julius Myth has it in spades. His live show’s tight. His rhymes resonate. He oozes charisma. At the very least, that’s enough to garner some blog love, right?

    Myth’s next release, Day Of The Deadbeats will be available on August 16th. Check the project’s first leak and recent #InboxSessions addition, “100 Feet Up” below, as well as video footage from his Highline Ballroom debut. The way the crowd is chanting his name as he walks down the block, you’d swear he was running for Congress.

    Unfortunately, I missed the show. I’m still punching myself in the face.

    Julius Myth Arrives at Highline Ballroom from Neal Parker on Vimeo.

    Julius Myth On Stage from Neal Parker on Vimeo.

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