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  • [DOWNLOAD] Yarshall Artz Releases “Occupy Hip-Hop (The Rhyme-Book Revelation)”
  • 11Nov

    [DOWNLOAD] Yarshall Artz Releases “Occupy Hip-Hop (The Rhyme-Book Revelation)”

    We knew Yarshall Artz was talented. The East New Yorker has been blazing #BodegaRadio’s #InboxSessions for the past few months, so we knew he never disrespects. Artz&Drafts caught our attention. Now we know he can drop back-to-back seriousness. #Rejects rejoice. Occupy Hip-Hop (The Rhyme-Book Revelation) is here!

    From Artz: The inspiration for Occupy Hip-Hop was to give back to the people for the support they showed me thus far throughout my growing music career. The project mainly consist of freestyles which serve as appetizers for what is yet to come. I felt since the world is at the cusp of a revolution with the occupy movement that it was solely my responsibility to Occupy Hip-Hop to speak up for the voices that haven’t been heard through my music and lead by example for the generations next to come.

    Will Power + Self Belief + Faith = Reject Dreams


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