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  • 22Feb

    Trouble and Bass’ The Captain 666 “Lives The-Dream”

    R & B super-producer Terius Nash and heavy bass producer Patrick Rood couldn’t be any more diametrically opposed on the surface. Nash is The-Dream,  a soul loverman supreme, while Rood is The Captain 666, a goth-trending creator of some of the world’s heaviest bass productions. However different they may appear on the surface, both men know more than a little bit about the creation of emotional desire. While The-Dream wants to make love, The Captain wants to make rave, and both succeed at their intended purposes.

    However, when not causing the children of the night to lose their minds, The Captain is a fan of The-Dream, and composed a series of three mixes in order to show his appreciation. It’s a labor of love, the kind of mixes that only the most hardcore of fanatics could make. Noting that the mix did not get what I felt was enough love in the urban/urban-alternative blogosphere, I’m here to fix that error.

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