• 21Dec

    Happy Holidays!


    As we wind down 2012 we wanted to send all of our Bodega fam a note of thanks and Happy Holidays.

    Be safe and enjoy your loved ones. Find time to play your favorite record and take a second to give thanks.

    We will be back in 2013 with not only The 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-hop Festival but the return of the “Sugar” party and a 2 or three more tricks up our sleeve.**

    See you next year…if there is a next year. dum dum dum.

    Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah

    ** We’re looking for motivated individuals to join the Bodega Team to help with the 9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival and other assorted Brooklyn Bodega freshness. More info here.

    “Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens”

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