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  • On #YEEZUS, #MCHG, misogyny, black men, black pride, black power and “post-racial” America
  • 08Jul

    On #YEEZUS, #MCHG, misogyny, black men, black pride, black power and “post-racial” America

    jay-z kanye otis

    “The only position for women in SNCC is prone.” – Stokely Carmichael, leader of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, 1966-1967

    “No, I want a wife that fuck me like a prostitute” – Jay-Z, “Picasso,” 2013

    “Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign.” – Kanye West, “I’m In It,” 2013


    Editor’s note: Marcus K. Dowling, the author of this article, is a proud black man in America.


    I think we all forgot just how awesomely fucked up it is being a black man in America. Thankfully, within a one-month span, Kanye West and Jay-Z –  in a most awesomely hip-hop move of creating in the names of Jesus Christ, King John and King Arthur, respectively – unearthed and re-examined many of the tropes that arguably makes rap music the most viscerally significant form of black male cultural expression ever developed. In doing so, they, of course, re-discovered the wild inappropriateness that is so often praised and ultimately accepted in the folklore and reality of being a great American black man. Of all of the concepts examined, though, the most troubling one that we must consider (again) is the notion of misogyny’s intrinsic link to the victory of black male excellence. In an era in which we (arguably erroneously) consider American culture to be in a post-racial evolution, there’s Jigga and Yeezy to remind us about being black, and sadly what being black and proud is so often all about.


    We lose the forest in spite of the trees when make heroes out of people – especially black males. One great moment does not eradicate an entire lifetime guided by dichotomies. Yes, the aforementioned Stokely Carmichael was an incendiary thinker and brilliant public speaker. However, he – like many other men – apparently loved sex as much, or more than being lauded for his intelligence. The great pain of being a black man in America is – and all props are indeed given to Drake on this one – starting from the bottom. Black men were slaves, then once freed, given incredibly limited access to social and political power. In relation to black women, for generations, black men often likely appeared diminished in their eyes. In pre- “post-racial America,” pride, strength and honor were not fully realized notions for black men as we lived in an economic and social environment that was systematically engineered for black males to be separate, often lightly regarded, generally offering pathetic terms by which black men could develop a sense of self-worth.

    I just want a shot to show my genius
    Standing on the top hold my penis
    America tried to emasculate the greats
    Murdered Malcolm, gave Cassius the shakes
    – Jay-Z “F.U.T.W.” – 2013

    In such a flawed system, it’s entirely arguable with historical facts that black men really had no other recourse to gain pride and self-worth other than through using physical – rather than intellectual – gifts. The stress – and danger – inherent in engaging in intellectual warfare in order to gain social freedom in America is high. On Magna Carta Holy Grail’s “F.U.T.W.”, Jay-Z alludes to this by stating that the strain of the struggle ultimately led to Malcolm X’s assassination and Muhammad Ali’s affliction with Parkinson’s disease. By comparison, it’s entirely simple to understand why Kanye West wants to break from “new slavery” by fucking someone’s wife and ejaculating both in her mouth and on her clothes. By comparison, it’s a far simpler exposition defining one’s worth and purpose.

    black sex

    Those who feel a certain way about the denigration of women on these two great recordings by the preeminent leaders of 21st century black cultural thought must understand the flaws of American history that have led to the conditions that would creatively allow them to be so brazen. Barack Obama’s election as the 44th President of the United States was a victory for all of those who spared both effort and ultimately life for the struggle for black freedom. However, in now arguably both intellectually and physically fully unshackling the potential of black men in America, to NOT expect the level of ratchet talk involving savaging vaginas to reach an all-time high showcases the faultiest of logic. The joy of this moment measures nothing against the pain of 235+ years of history, so before we can carry on like gentlemen with class befitting our heightened social pedigree, we’re gonna rape, fuck, pillage and plunder all of the pussy we can find one last time…just so y’all don’t forget and try to do it again!

    Currently in America, the President – who is black – governs by using a document that defines blacks as three-fifths of a human being. Furthermore, the intrinsic and systematic racism suffered by black people still effects large tracts of its population. In contemplating great black men being great black men at a great, yet flawed black time, to not expect symptoms of classic – yet flawed – black behavior is absurd. Again, it’s awesomely fucked up to be a black man in America. The darkest hour is just before dawn.

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