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  • 29Dec

    Apple iSlate Rummors

    From NYT Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s Apple iTablet time — oops, I mean iSlate time! Over the last week, we’ve heard more rumors, some facts and a lot of excitement about the impending Apple tablet. Matt Buchanan

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  • 16Dec

    A Cloud Of Music

    From NYT SAN FRANCISCO — With its deal this month to buy the Web music service Lala, Apple may be pointing the way to the future of music. In this future, the digital music files on people’s computers could join

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  • 13Nov

    Commodore 64: There's An App For That

    For those of us who grew up in the 80′s, Apple has brought back a classic! Unfortunately, they’ve pulled the BASIC interpreter and Commodore 64 ROM files which allowed you to include your own BASIC code and was what I

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  • 12Oct

    Apple Tablet Technology for 2010

    From PCWorld There is no question that PC pundits are eagerly awaiting Apple’s supposed new tablet, but what about customers? This is a high-risk game and Apple must know it. Apple is widely believed to be working on a tablet

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  • 30Sep

    Apple: Not a top seller of business laptops

    From Forbes It’s easy to give Dell a hard time. Earlier in this decade the company built on cranking out desktop computers for American businesses decided to dive into consumer electronics. That move didn’t work out. Yet while Dell had

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  • 15Apr

    AT&T wants to re-up with Apple

    AT&T wants to remain the exclusive U.S. iPhone provider until 2011 and is pressuring Apple to extend their business arrangement that is set to expire in 2010, according to reports. Apple is tight-lipped about the talks and only will comment

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  • 11Mar

    New iPod

    On Wednesday, Apple unveiled a 4GB Shuffle that’s half the size of its predecessor. The new device is smaller than a AA battery yet holds up to 1,000 songs, Apple said. The preshrunk Shuffle also adds a new VoiceOver feature

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  • 06Mar

    Blackberry App Store

    Research In Motion said its new online application store will be online by March 4. The store’s Web site, poised to rival Apple’s AppStore, is called BlackBerry App World. It replaces the company’s previous online store, App Center, National Business

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  • 07Jan

    biz news

    WB and AOL employees be wary Time Warner Inc. (TWX) announced plans Wednesday to write down about $25 billion of assets in the fourth quarter – reflecting the declining values of its cable, AOL and magazine businesses – as the

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