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  • 09Sep

    Joe Wilson goes out on Obama

    A Republican House member shouted “You lie” during President Obama’s health care speech to Congress on Wednesday, and members of both parties condemned the heckling. Rep. Joe Wilson shouted “You lie” after President Obama denied health reform would cover illegal

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  • 09Sep

    Obama News

    Tonight the Big Homey will be addressing the nation about the health care battle. The AP unfortunately is reporting that he will lay off the insistence on the public option. President Barack Obama will tell the nation in a prime-time

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  • 07Sep

    Van Jones sandbagged by Glenn Back

    From Chicago Tribune White House officials said Sunday that the presidential environmental adviser Van Jones resigned this weekend of his own accord after a furor over his fiery remarks about Republicans and his signature on a petition questioning whether the

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  • 26Aug

    Now a word for the Bourgie and Boughetto

    Top 10 good and Bad Things about Matha’s Vineyard Your man, Swift Rock, has recently returned from a family sojourn to the isle of Martha’s Vineyard vactaioning with hoping to catch a glimpse of the Obamas. Although we didn’t see

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  • 24Apr

    Obama 'Berry

    The Washington Times newspaper reported Thursday that the presidential BlackBerry 8830 is “in the final stages of development by the National Security Agency.” The agency is still testing the encryption software to ensure it’s up to snuff. And the president

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  • 13Mar

    Recession Top 10 Things

    Top 10 Things About the Recession discussions that bother me 1. Stop crying about Bernie Madoff – Where was your scrutiny when he was outperforming the market for 20 years. Take some responsibility for your own greed. You really thought

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  • 23Feb

    8 Signs that the Republicans still don’t understand why Barack is president

    1. The continued stream of books and documentaries blaming media bias. It was more than a rabid Keith Oberman or the pinko New York Times that got Barack elected. The same media folks who are on the Obama train were

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  • 13Feb

    Friday Top 10 List

    This was a busy week. Miles Boogie turned four. Multicultural Day at Pre-school Full day of teaching at York Grad school application The end result – not enough attention paid to the Bodega editorial hustle. My apologies. Once we get

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  • 06Feb

    Obama is not playing games

    Listening to the president this morning reminds me of why he will be a great leader. From the WSJ Frustrated by Republican unity against his economic-stimulus plan, President Barack Obama toughened his rhetoric Thursday and moved to wield his personal

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  • 02Feb

    Eric Holder confirmed as Attorney General

    2009 continues to be a good year to be Black as The Senate confirmed Eric H. Holder Jr. as the nation’s first African American Attorney General in a vote of 75 to 21, opening a new chapter for a Justice

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