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  • 11Jan

    run DC Tee's

    We are all about Obama this week and next week. Here are some great Obama T’s, the “RUNDC09 (The REMIX)” and from the makers of 20twentytees, that were sent to the Bodega. Word up to Pete. Check him here at

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  • 06Jan

    Making History now

    In celebration of the Obama inauguration join us at our panel discussion on Thursday January 22nd at The Brooklyn Historical Society. It is the first in our series entitled “Making History Now.” MHN is about documenting history as it unfolds.

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  • 10Dec

    Dirty Politics

    Rahm: “if you get me mixed up in this I will rip your throat out This dude is gangsta. And what is the deal with that hair. Very Trump-esque. I love how MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ kept running pics of Blagojevich

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  • 04Dec

    New Media in the White House

    This is one of the many reasons why I love Obama From NPR President-elect Barack Obama is expected to create a position of chief technology officer. Technology commentator Mario Armstrong tells Renee Montagne that the position is important because some

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  • 01Dec

    Hilary and more

    like this pick as well as the others. Hilary played her position and should be rewarded. A good point was made on Morning Joe this morning that with Hilary the celebrity factor can be a big advantage. She can bring

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  • 06Nov

    How Video Music Box elected the 1st Black President

    Here is an idea we are cooking up for a panel discussion/seminar Let me know your thoughts… ——— On November 4th, 2009 The United States of America elected Barack Obama the first African American president in the country’s history. Much

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