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  • 31Jan

    facebook vs. Google – IPO style

          Interesting article comparing facebook and Google a their time of their IPO’s. Although internet usage is up tremendously since the launch of Google, facebook’s growth is much slower. From Business Insider… If CNBC’s reporting is accurate, the

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  • 09Feb

    Majority of Google, Facebook users concerned about Piracy

    The role of technology continues to play a larger role in everyday life with each passing year, as people from all walks of life become more dependent on technological advances for communication, relationships, entertainment and much more. But according to

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  • 07Sep

    Interactive Music Video 'We Used to Wait'

    From npr If you’re not one of three million people who’ve already seen Arcade Fire‘s video for “We Used to Wait,” go to this site now and watch it — in Chrome or Safari — before we spoil any surprises. Be blown

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  • 30Aug

    Google Revamps Gmail Inbox

    From NYT Google If you hate your inbox, if the very thought of it makes you fretful and nauseous, you’re not alone. Plenty of people who use e-mail on a daily basis feel the same. Now Google is trying to come to

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  • 27Jul

    Net Neutrality Debate in Washington

    From CNET The debate in Washington over Net neutrality–the fundamental principle that keeps the Internet open and free from discrimination–is coming to a head. That means that the wheeling and dealing is under way, and consumers need to watch out.

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  • 05Apr

    Apple's iPad: Content with Restrictions

    From npr The obsession of the tech savvy this weekend was the release of Apple‘s iPad. The tablet computer, which looks like an oversized iPod touch, is being hailed by many as a revolutionary device. But there are some critics

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  • 03Mar

    Steve Jobs: " …competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours."

    From NYT SAN FRANCISCO — Apple has relied on slick applications, and even slicker advertisements, to promote the iPhone and maintain its advantage over rivals like Google in the battle to rule the next generation of smartphones. But the fight

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  • 09Feb

    Google's Plans To Enter EBooks Market

    From NYT Could book publishers suddenly be in the position of telling Google what to do? With the impending arrival of digital books on the Apple iPad and feverish negotiations with over e-book prices, publishers have managed to take

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  • 15Jan

    Google In China

    China tried Friday to keep its censorship row with Google from damaging business confidence or ties with Washington, promising good conditions for foreign investors but giving no sign it might relax Internet controls. U.S.-China trade and economic ties will not

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  • 08Dec

    Google Goes Real-Time

    From NYT MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Unveiling significant changes to its dominant search engine on Monday, Google said it would begin supplementing its search results with the updates posted each second to sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. As part

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