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  • 14Jan

    The Company Man hates Lil Wayne

    “Man, you don’t even look like a Hot Boyz fan.” That’s what Troy Fluker said to me while our squad kicked Guerilla Warfare favorites back and forth, waiting for the next run of pick up hoops. I realize that The-seventeen-year-old-Company-Man

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  • 28Oct

    Chris Brown Back In The Spotlight

    From NBC Chris Brown is back in the spotlight — but this time, it’s not for committing a crime. The R&B singer who beat girlfriend Rihanna after a fight earlier this year debuted his first video since the assault Tuesday,

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  • 21Oct

    Lil Wayne appears for DNA hearing in NYC gun case

    From the Associated Press: NEW YORK — Lil Wayne is appearing in a Manhattan courtroom, but DNA science is taking center stage. A hearing on a DNA profiling technique used in the rapper’s 2007 gun-possession case started Wednesday. It concerns

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  • 06Jul

    Drizzy – does it even matter?

    For a week straight, the Internets were ablaze with chatter about the now-infamous Young Money snafu at the 2009 BET Awards. Whether you were a Drake devotee or a detractor, everyone had an opinion. Now that the Internet forest fire

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  • 10Feb

    Don’t cry for me Wayne-Atenia

    I saw a bit of the Wayne interview with Ms. Katie and heard your comments. There are still the Wayne supporters and the Wayne detractors. All are just as vociferous as ever. I am not going to get into a

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  • 10Nov

    This week’s guilty pleasure

    My current guilty pleasure, the song I am not ‘supposed’ to like because I am an underground/purist/bourgie/keep it real/true school Hip-Hop head, is Ron Brownz “Pop Champagne.” That drum track is funky fresh in the flesh. And the kid has

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