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  • 21Jul

    Dre Makes Beats for Beiber

    From DX While Dr. Dre has inched his way closer to presenting fans with his long-awaited Detox album, he’s also taken some time out to collaborate with other artists. He recently produced a song with Jay-Z, “Under Pressure,” which is

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  • 15Jun

    Twitter Introduces Places

    From NYT Twitter posts already answer who, what and when. Now they will also tell people exactly where a post was written. On Monday, Twitter announced on its blog that Twitter Places is going live. Twitter users can tag their

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  • 17Mar

    Privacy? What Privacy?

    If a stranger came up to you on the street, would you give him your name, Social Security number and e-mail address? Probably not. Yet people often dole out all kinds of personal information on the Internet that allows such

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  • 02Mar

    According To A New Report More Americans Viewing News Online

    (CNN) — More Americans get their news from the Internet than from newspapers or radio, and three-fourths say they hear of news via e-mail or updates on social media sites, according to a new report. Sixty-one percent of Americans said

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  • 19Jan

    Presidential Tweet

    Washington (CNN) – Digital history was made Monday when President Obama became the first commander-in-chief to “tweet” a message on the social networking site, though he had a little bit of help. When Obama stopped at the headquarters of the

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  • 05Jan

    Tweeting For Tiger – Arenas to the Rescue

    Note: Since the following article was written, Gilbert Arenas was suspended by the NBA indefinitely and without pay. This action was publicly endorsed and supported by the Washington Wizards. Tiger Woods owes Gilbert Arenas a “Thank You” letter. Tigergate dominated

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  • 15Dec

    Chris Brown Says Goodbye To Twitter

    (CNN) — Days after Chris Brown took to his Twitter page accusing stores of “blackballing” his new album, “Graffiti,” the singer’s account was deleted after he left a final message to his fans. “I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL

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  • 08Dec

    Google Goes Real-Time

    From NYT MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Unveiling significant changes to its dominant search engine on Monday, Google said it would begin supplementing its search results with the updates posted each second to sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. As part

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  • 04Dec

    Twitter 12

    From msnbc If there was going to be a Facebook 50, there had to be a Twitter 12. After all, 2009 has been Twitter’s year. Traffic has quadrupled, investors have recommitted, the media has fawned. Even if Twitter isn’t the

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  • 01Dec

    Bill Cosby: Social Networks & Hip-Hop

    From NYT At the end of the first decade of the third millennium, it is not unexpected that a veteran comic would plant a flag on the Internet: Shecky Greene has a Web site, and Shelley Berman has a Facebook

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