• Volunteers

    Volunteer (Pamela) at The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

    Photo/Credit: Joe Conzo

    Over the past 7 years we are proud to have launched and helped support the careers of dozens of artists as well as given a platform for many a legend to revisit their classics. This also extends to our professional staff as well. Our Bodega Fam have gone on to executive positions in and out of the music business.

    Now is the time to add your name to the list of Hip-Hop’s future decision makers. Come work with us as we work to top last year’s incredible Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival – New York’s and Hip-Hop’s finest as well as most affordable Hip-Hop event, which is possible because of all of our volunteers and staff.

    We are also looking for people to work with Brooklyn Bodega, the engine that drives the Festival.  We need writers, editors, designers and people to work on our various new ventures including the Bodega Agency (and others not yet unveiled).

    *All positions are volunteer or commission based. College credit available.

    Email hr@brooklynbodega.com and indicate the position in the subject line.